Seeing Green: The Value of Urban Agriculture measures the stormwater management potential of three urban farms; Brooklyn Grange (a rooftop farm), Added Value (raised beds) and the NYC Parks Department’s Five Borough Administrative Building (an experimental green roof station).

Our aim is to create a model for future research that can be replicated anywhere, to help validate and support urban farms.

We think policies should be based on scientific study and we want our work to encourage the adoption of supportive incentives and non-restrictive regulations for urban farming. This is important because farms give us a lot more than just produce. They increase food security, decrease food miles traveled, offer healthy and nutritious produce, create green jobs, improve air and water quality, combat Urban Heat Island effect, create habitat for critters, beautify neighborhoods and many more.

Feel free to contact us with questions about how your farm, garden or rooftop is performing or how to best design your space for maximum environmental and economic productivity.