About Us

Tyler Caruso has worked as an Environmental Planning consultant for the last two years. He has experience in
sustainable infrastructure development and international and domestic policy analysis. Tyler currently serves as an adjunct professor at Pratt Institute in the Master’s for Environmental Systems Management Program (ESM), where he teaches a design/build urban agriculture course that he helped to develop. He also serves as the City and Regional Planning Program’s Graduate Student Adviser for Food Systems Planning, Urban Agriculture and Stormwater Management.  Tyler completed his Master’s in the ESM Program at Pratt, where his area of focus was urban agriculture and Ecological Sanitation programs; designing closed loop systems using composting toilets, agriculture, greywater and rainwater harvesting systems. Last year, he co-founded and is now currently the program director for Flip the Table: New York City’s Youth Food Council (YFC). YFC trains the future leaders in the sustainable food movement, lending a problem-solution framework around which youth can mobilize and envision change.

Erik Facteau is a biologist and environmental planner, with a Master’s of Science in Environmental Systems Management from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor’s
of Science in Biology from SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry. At Pratt Institute, Erik, focused on the role that natural systems and green infrastructure play in managing stormwater in urban environments. Erik has worked with Columbia Professor Kaja Kuhl on developing a Field Guide for Phytoremediation. He also has experience working in a microbiology laboratory as an environmental air quality analyst and has conducted both lab and field research on two ongoing plant restoration projects (The American Chestnut- Castanea dentata and the Pinedrop-Pterospora andromedea). He has a strong interest in the creation and support of local food systems and has worked at the NYC Greenmarket for the last 5 years.